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Chattanooga Restrooms
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Chattanooga Restrooms

Discover Chattanooga’s Best, Worst, & Most Interesting Bathrooms! We will Have pictures, Descriptions, & Ratings for Each & Every One. Be on the Lookout as we ass more Each Week!!

Bathroom of the Week: Chattanooga Choo Choo

Awesome Bathroom! Clean, Plenty of Space, Love the Architecture, Love the Classic Style. Wish there were dividers at the urinals.


Oddstory Brewing Co.

Nice Size, Plenty Of Room, Very Clean, Trash a little full, But plenty of Supplies!!


Flying Squirrel

Single Bathroom, New Paper Towels, But that Air Blade Though. Very Stylish, & Modern!



Plenty of Stalls, Not Sure about the Caddy under the sink, Mostly Clean for the Traffic, Not as Fancy as you Would Expect for that restaurant. 


Tremont Tavern

Character is Definitely Seen in this Bathroom, The Bars Vibe Makes it’s way into this space. Not a huge fan of the graffiti here. It is Clean though when we were there. 


Rain Thai Bistro

Very Clean Restroom, Modern, & loved the sink! Very Nice!


Pickle Barrel

Small Restroom, But Small Space in General. Not the Cleanest, but does have a nice vibe. It shows the history of this restaurant.