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Chattanooga Restroom Merch
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Chattanooga Restroom Merch

Check Out Our Awesome Chattanooga Restroom Merchandise, All Proceeds Help Us Bring You the Ultimate Source of the Best Places to Go in the Scenic City!

Check Out this Awesome Potty Stool with our Logo emblazoned across the front. This is a perfect item to take with you and enjoy your time. It is a miracle as it helps everything just come out in the end!
You Can now purchase our Special Toilet Paper . . .  No Shortages Here. This is perfect to let everyone know where you go to find the best bathrooms in the Scenic City. Comes in packs of 4, 6. & 12.
Grab a plunger with our awesome logo on it. It is perfect for clearing out those clogs. Always a must have when it comes to using the Bathroom. You Never Know when you need it.